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  • Cascade Falls Cardigan
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  • Hand-dyed silk yarns drying at the studio
Welcome to SweetGeorgia. We’re an artisan yarn company that makes
exquisite hand-dyed yarns and fibres in stunningly saturated colours.

Felicia's Blog

Fall is here!

You know Fall is here when [Colourway](http://www.colourway.co.uk) posts the new Fall projects on their website! Forget August, bring on Autumn. I found just a couple new things I might want to knit: ####Rowan 38 I have so much Rowan Kidsilk Haze stashed that I _need_ to make something… Maybe that shawl on the left… Shawl…

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But wait, there’s more

There was more to my weekend than just dyeing and spinning. Of course, there was much knitting. Can you say “perfect weekend”? There was so much knitting that even the boys joined in: Those are Desmond’s hands, learning to cast on. That’s my DH, knitting up a “manly” blue garter stitch square. On Friday evening,…

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Rogue in my future

Mmm, free shipping on a pack of Jaeger Shetland Aran? Couldn’t resist. I figure, it was kind of for my birthday. I’ll be using this yarn to knit Rogue this fall…after I finish a bunch of other projects! What else is coming up? I just received my selection of Jamieson’s Spindrift for Meg’s Fair Isle…

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