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Welcome to SweetGeorgia. We’re an artisan yarn company that makes
exquisite hand-dyed yarns and fibres in stunningly saturated colours.

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Easy Friday.

[Carin at Bumble Bee Knits](http://bumblebeeknits.blogspot.com/) tagged me for this meme and has made my Friday post so easy. Thanks Carin! Check out her [nearly done “Deli” cardi…](http://bumblebeeknits.blogspot.com/2006/01/almost-there.html) _so pretty!_ ####Four jobs you have had in your life: 1. Pharmacist at London Drugs for three years. 2. Photocopy girl at the [UBC AMS CopyRight](http://www.ams.ubc.ca/content.cfm?ID=57) photocopy shop…

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Getting warped.

I think at one point last year I may have mentioned to Michelle that she should bar the doors and windows and take away my wallet should I ever decide to get into weaving. Ignore what I said earlier, Michelle. Last night was my very first weaving class… This one is at Place des Arts…

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Sunday Morning Spin

These photos are to remind me that the sun really does exist. Merino/Silk on the bobbin Under the big window in the living room Sunday morning was beautiful — I had almost forgotten how plain old sunlight can make our living room look all glow-y. Caught up in the moment, I scrambled around for camera…

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