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Welcome to SweetGeorgia. We’re an artisan yarn company that makes
exquisite hand-dyed yarns and fibres in stunningly saturated colours.

Felicia's Blog

Lovely and amazing.

I have been secretly in love with [Rachael](http://www.yarnagogo.com) since she knit [Alice Starmore’s Cromarty](http://www.yarnagogo.com/blog/2004/10/cromarty.html) in custom-dyed Koigu Kersti. She is not so secretly in love with [Lala](http://blogsy.smartyboots.net/). And last night, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting them both after their wedding here in Vancouver. A lovely and amazing couple. Also at the Sylvia Hotel…

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The Good Girl

I went to Fibre Fest and didn’t buy anything. Well actually, I did. I bought Michelle and Jo each a [“Topknot” from Aurelia Wool & Weaving](http://www.aureliawool.com/topknots.htm) to see if it would push them over the edge and get them spinning. Heh. They both attended the drop spindle demo and then we spent much of the…

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