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Welcome to SweetGeorgia. We’re an artisan yarn company that makes
exquisite hand-dyed yarns and fibres in stunningly saturated colours.

Felicia's Blog

Where Carders Come From

Yesterday morning, we took our little mini-road trip to Chilliwack, stopping only for coffee and doughnuts at Tim’s ([because that’s what Canadians do on road trips](http://web.sa.mapquest.com/timhortons/?tempset=routesearch)). The drive was easy and we enjoyed the amazing sunny weather that is unusual for Vancouver in February. Patrick and Paula win the prize for most adorable couple, ever….

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Louboutin vs. Green

Have you ever met something so beautiful, it a) made your heart stop, b) make you feel sick and lightheaded, c) gasp audibly, d) all of the above? I’ve felt it… with a pair of shoes, nonetheless. A few days ago, I saw (and, unfortunately for me, tried on) _the_ most beautiful pair of Christian…

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Spinning New Fibres

What is it about new fibres that is intimidating? I bought little bags of ingeo, firestar, bamboo and soy silk last year on Salt Spring Island — did I spin it? Nope, not really. I dyed up a bunch of soy silk and started spinning it, but didn’t really like the feel… until… Pile ‘o…

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