SGY Roundtable: How Has Technology Changed Crafting For You?

How technology has changed my life.

How technology has changed my life. Photo by Elad Tzadok.

Welcome back to another installment of the SGY Roundtable blog post series! In this bi-weekly column, we want to share with you the current discussions and thoughts of some of the fibre artists around the studio.

In the spirit of Felicia’s upcoming 10-year bloggiversary, the topic we brought to the table was…

How Has Technology Changed Crafting For You?


When I first started knitting, technology in my family meant having a gigantic grey second-hand box in the middle of the living room that had a tiny screen, a carrying handle and the capability to very slowly process very short sentences – and, occasionally, a leisurely glitch-filled game of Hangman.

Back then, if I wanted to knit something from a pattern, my only source would be the backsides of the ballbands of the only yarn brand available in 90’s Finland. During a debilitating economical depression buying pattern books or magazines was not an option – and there were only one or two being printed and sold anyway. If I wanted to learn a new technique, I would have to hunt down someone who already knew how to do it, or just fudge it and come up with my own version.
Now… life is stupid easy. And it all boils down to The Internet.

Ravelry changed my life. Youtube changed my life. Google Maps changed my life. Patterns, blogs, yarn stores, techniques, podcasts – they’re all there.

For a long time my creativity was 100% poverty-induced and equally restricted by scarcity of materials. But once things evolved to a point where I could find Everything – and then do Everything – from my laptop or phone, my involvement in crafting went to an entirely new place. The world is so tiny now, and all the ideas and influences are right there in front of your face.

I wouldn’t even have this job and this new life, for Bob’s sake, if it wasn’t for the blogging community and the decidedly unfriendly online application tools at Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Also, without the Internet, I would not know anything about Cat Butt Coasters (, which would be a loss. It really would.


As I approach my ten-year bloggiversary (just less than two weeks away), I’m humbled by how a simple website used to record my knitting-related stream of consciousness could have changed my life entirely.

When I sat down to write this post, I thought about how I use Evernote to track my knitting pattern PDFs and how I use Omnifocus to manage all the stuff I need to do in life as well as crafting. How every bit of digital detritus syncs from my home computer to my work computer to a litany of i-devices and how every scrap of “paper” is seemingly available to me at any given moment. All of these things have of course changed my crafting insofar as to allow me to hoard (and pretend to organize) more knitting and crafting patterns and notes. But these things haven’t changed my crafting in terms of being able to accomplish more or learn more.

I thought about how, perhaps, sites like Craftsy or Creativebug have affected my crafting. Getting to write and film my own Craftsy course on spinning was a huge eye-opener for me and I’m a big fan of the platform too. Both Craftsy and Creativebug have exposed me to more knowledge, but I don’t actually acquire those skills until I sit down and physically work through those techniques.

Ultimately, the simple act of writing in this blank space changed everything about my crafting life. It made my craft my life.

No doubt, you’ve noticed we are short a couple voices on the Roundtable this time around… and perhaps you might have noticed that this post is a week late. My fault, entirely. We are sorely missing our good friends, Grace and Ginny! Unfortunately Ginny is nursing an injury right now and Grace couldn’t turn down an amazing opportunity to work with DreamWorks Animation. Grace will still be sort of SweetGeorgia-at-large as she will continue to be our Spinzilla Team Captain this fall! And we wish Ginny a speedy recovery! See you all in a couple weeks!

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    Cat butt coasters just made my day!