New Colours for Fall 2014

Fall/Winter Colourways 2014

Fall/Winter Colourways 2014

Fall is just around the bend and we are excited to finally release the new palette of colours we have been playing with all summer. Perhaps you’ve seen glimpses of these new colours on our Instagram feed over the past couple months, but here they are now: Sapphire, Wasabi, Mulberry, Mink, Auburn, Bourbon, and Sugar Shack. These semi-solids have beautiful tonal variation and are designed to have a depth and richness to the colours. We hope you enjoy them!

And as always, we have all our colourways available in spinning fibre as well:

All of these are available to order now on our online shop here »

  • cynthia

    I can’t read your lovely newsletter because your font and objects are small and your format for the ipad doesnt allow zooming. Please change to allow zooming :-)

    • SweetGeorgia

      So sorry about that! We’ll get that checked out… thanks for letting us know!

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