Countdown to Unwind

Colour Stories

Colour Stories

In less than a week, we’ll be winging our way over to the UK. The crunch is on now… slides for Colour Stories presentation, check. Slides for Colour Confidence presentation, check. Handout and spinning supplies for Spinning Hand-Dyed Fibres workshop, check. Now, to just find a moment to pack our bags, laptop, and the 50 million things needed to travel with a baby… here’s hoping I don’t forget anything.

If you will be at Unwind and interested in the Spinning workshop, there are still a couple spots left! Spindle spinners are also welcome, so don’t feel the need to haul out your spinning wheel if it’s too much trouble. And I’ll be hanging out with Allison in the SweetGeorgia booth for the Saturday afternoon between talks, if you’d like to come out and say hello!

The baby, husband, and I will be flying out almost two weeks before Unwind starts because we’re tacking on a side trip to Florence at the beginning of July. There’s a little yarn and knitting trade show I’m super excited to see. Hope to find some inspiring things to write about and perhaps a few new things for SweetGeorgia!

We’re hiring…

While I’m away, we’ll be conducting a search for an additional studio assistant and dyer… so if you’d like to work at the studio or know someone who would be a great fit, let us know. The job posting and details are here. Now… to find those packing lists…

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