Baya Shawl

PomPom Magazine Summer 2014

PomPom Magazine Summer 2014

The Summer 2014 issue of Pom Pom Magazine is available now and our yarns made the cover as a part of Mindy Wilkes‘ gorgeous shawl design!

Baya is a crescent-shaped shawl worked from the bottom up. The bottom edge of the shawl is a lace pattern that also incorporates some simple cables, while the body of the shawl is worked in garter stitch. The bottom lace portion is knit in our CashSilk Lace and the top garter part is in Tough Love Sock.

Two different bases, two different colours. But you could also knit yours in a more monochromatic colour scheme and use the same colour for both bases. The sample in Pom Pom uses Orchid for the lace and Raspberry for the body.

Baya Shawl in progress, CashSilk Lace in Ultraviolet

Baya Shawl in progress, CashSilk Lace in Ultraviolet

I started knitting a Baya a couple weeks ago (and it went on hold as I finished my Nineteen Twenty Shrug). Casting on over three hundred stitches took me several evenings of starting and stopping between trying to put the baby down for bedtime (he never seems to really stay asleep until after midnight). But I’ve successfully made it through one full lace repeat. Just three more to go and then the garter body. I haven’t quite decided which colour to use for the garter portion… I’ve been knitting with a lot of Ultraviolet lately, so I’m thinking maybe I should go with either the new Mink or maybe Wisteria. Still deciding. But I have to say, I love the little cables in the lace pattern that give it just that extra bit of texture.

And I have to mention my new (and first ever) yarn bowl! I’ve never used a yarn bowl, always opting instead for a super luxe plastic ziploc bag. But when some other moms and I decided to get together to do a little ceramic painting for father’s day gifts, I found this yarn bowl and just had to paint one too. I haven’t done a lot of ceramic painting before, but I thought I’d try lightly layering two different paint colours with a sponge. The effect is super streaky, but I quite like it. A little watercoloury.

Back to the pattern. If you like Baya, it’s available as part of the Pom Pom magazine. You can either get the hard copy from Pom Pom, or get the digital e-book version from Ravelry here. This will likely be my “requiring concentration”-travel knitting. Now to pick a “no brain required”-travel knitting project. Happy knitting!

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