Fibres West 2014 Recap


Rainbows of fibre on display at Fibres West 2014.

Ginny reports back from the annual Fibres West show in Cloverdale this past March.

Liisa summarized Knit City 2013, Grace did a post on our January TNNA trip to San Diego, and so it fell to me, Ginny, to do the post on Fibres West 2014! This is my second time working the SweetGeorgia booth at the show, and I was there all day Friday helping the first rush of customers through the barn doors. I got up early, I drank loads of coffee, I carpooled with Grace and a friend to the show grounds, I managed not to get too badly lost en route and I remembered to wear my special pink SweetGeorgia t-shirt and everything…

… and totally forgot my camera. Whoops!

So this is the only photo I have to show you of the booth set-up…


Setting up the SGY booth at Fibres West 2014.

Consider it a testament to the overwhelming wooly goodness that is Fibres West that no one else at the studio managed to take photos of anything besides their own delicious fibre hauls. It was really, really hard not to break down and buy a fleece that I have no room to store or dry (I was very badly burned by a poorly stored fleece, if you recall) but oh gosh! There was one curly-locked Gotland sheep fleece that I kept dashing back to fondle until someone else bought it.

I’ve been working at SweetGeorgia for about 18 months now and I think I have the feel of the individual markets and shows. Knit City is hectic and exciting and so so so busy! Fibres West is a little more laid back (most of the time!) but I feel a little more like these are my people. I grew up in Southern Alberta and while I am a town girl I was very accustomed to visiting my friend’s ranches and acreages during the springtime to see the new lambs and goat kids and sometimes even llamas! Fibres West reminds me that despite living in the city and taking the Skytrain everywhere, I used to drive by horse and llama pastures every morning on the way to school for a solid 10 years of my life.


Channa has a caught the giggles wearing her Tumbler Ridge hat.

Besides the stunning Alexandra shawl released earlier in March, we released Grace’s Tumbler Ridge hat pattern at Fibres West. It’s a super slouchy, super comfy hat with enough negative ease to work as a children’s hat. It takes a single skein of our worsted weight yarn, or approximately 35-45 grams each of two fingering weight yarns held together. One of Grace’s samples is worked in Tough Love Sock in Basil and Spring Garden, and I knit one in two strands of Silk Crush held together for Channa (who you will recognize as the model for the Alexandra shawl as well!). The Night Owl colourway from the January 2014 SweetGeorgia Yarn Club works perfectly with Ultraviolet, don’t you think?

I purchased the smelliest, loveliest bag of flax and some organic cotton from Vegan Yarn to spin more rough yarn for these face scrubby squares I wove on my Schacht Zoom Loom. I had a small skein of two-ply flax yarn I spun up during Grace’s fantastic fibre sampling course in the fall that I was unsure what to do with. So I warped the Zoom Loom with some generic kitchen cotton and wove the flax yarn through it to create these!


Ginny’s handspun flax and cotton face face scrubbie, created on a Schacht Zoom Loom.

The flax provides a little roughness to exfoliate the skin and I am quite pleased with the result. Hopefully I can weave up a dozen of these for holiday gifts.