Ravellenics 2014

Join Team SweetGeorgia for the Ravellenic Games 2014!

Join Team SweetGeorgia for the Ravellenic Games 2014!

Looking forward to the upcoming games?! Ginny at the SweetGeorgia Studio suggests that you join us for some Ravellenic celebrations!

For someone as completely inept at athletics as I am, the Olympic Games have featured prominently in my life.

I was born in Calgary in 1988 the year that the Winter Games were held. I lived in the Vancouver area during the 2010 Winter Olympics and was actually at the ancient Olympia site in Greece a few days before the ceremonies to light Vancouver’s Olympic torch took place.

My wintertime sportiness does not extend beyond avoiding avalanches. Photo by Emily Wilson-George.

Ginny in the snow: My wintertime sportiness does not extend beyond avoiding avalanches. Photo by Emily Wilson-George.

Despite being unable to stand while wearing skates, I’ve been a die-hard figure skating fan as long as I can remember. In the hockey rink my love for Hayley Wickenheiser and Marie-Philip Poulin is as pure as the powder on Grouse Mountain. I will be knitting as I watch my favourite Olympic events (even the ones that air at 4am Pacific Time!), so it is convenient that the regular Ravellenics events will be happening in tandem with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games from February 7th to February 23rd!

May I suggest the SweetGeorgia Ravellenics team? Sign up is easy — you need to fill out this form once for each project you intend to work on during Ravellenics. Cast on your project during the opening ceremonies (find out what time it will be in your time zone here) and knit, slip, spin, and weave your way through the events with the rest of your Ravelry team.

Your project will fit into one major event that the Ravellenics team has come up with, and then you can pick as many minor events to list your project under as you want. Enlisting in events is more to keep track of your wonderful achievements, but there are badges for the events awarded in-Ravelry. You can also tag your projects in-Ravelry with the events and with the Team SweetGeorgia tag, #teamsgy2014

There are also some nifty banners to pop on your Ravelry avatars to show which team you’re on.

Knit nights at SweetGeorgia Studio

If you’re in the Vancouver area, we are also going to be having some knit nights at the SweetGeorgia Studio to watch the prime time recap on CBC! Come vote at the Sweet SweetGeorgia forums on which evening works best for you (and please let us know, at the forums or in the comments on this post, if multiple nights work for you).

We’d love to have at least two evenings at the studio with everyone having some hot chocolate and knitting, spinning, or crocheting — you don’t have to be part of any Ravellenics team to come by.

If you do come out to the knit night, we ask you to bring a food bank donation or a hat for the neonatal unit at Langley General Hospital (superwash and from a non-smoking, no animal environment), and there will be draws for prizes!

Our studio has lots of parking space and is wheelchair accessible (including an accessible bathroom). If you are transiting it does require walking a few blocks, however there are already folks with vehicles organizing potential carpooling or driving between Marine Drive Station and the studio.

Regardless of whether you intend to participate in Ravellenics, we hope you’ll be able to come out to the studio or continue to enjoy working with SweetGeorgia Yarns to keep you and yours warm for the rest of the winter season!