Knit City 2013 Recap

A week after Knit City, and we’re still all giddy and warm and fuzzy inside.

It’s an incredibly inspiring setting for anyone who sniffs yarn as if it was the most delicate of flowers, and rubs it against their face as if it was the fluffy undercoat of a squishy-faced kitten.

Knit City is only at its second year, and it’s already become an institution — people chat excitedly about their ”Knit City cardigans” and their spousally-allotted hoarding budgets months in advance. They map out the fastest routes across the marketplace to get to the stuff they want, and plan their days up to the minute to make sure they can squeeze in as many classes, as many knitting sessions, and as many chance encounters with friends and acquaintances and knitting celebrities as they can.

In short, it’s the one weekend in October that no knitter wants to miss.

The SweetGeorgia booth saw an incredible amount of visitors from all over B.C. and beyond, from looking for a particular yarn and color for a project, to just dropping in and saying hi. Many of them were sporting finished garments featuring our yarns, a phenomenon which tends to make us disregard personal privacy and space and lunge forward with those grabby hands that want to feel the garments instead of just seeing them. And so, all of these people got fondled some way or another, for which we either apologize or exlaim a hearty ”you’re welcome”.

We were located right next to Jane Richmond, who just published a new pattern book along with her co-conspirator, Shannon Cook. Baaad Anna’s was also right across the aisle, and their hand-knit insignia vest was fluffy, adorable and awesome.

It was both Grace and Channa’s first time working at an out-of-the-studio event, and they both passed with flying colours. Ginny seemed mildly terrified at the amount of people jammed into our booth on Saturday, but pulled through anyway, being the trooper she is.

This year we dyed up special yarn kits of some of our newest and most popular patterns. Meticulously tied up with pink ribbon by our own Channa, the kits were a smashing success and a great idea for Christmas presents (we have a couple of extras at the studio — act fast!). We had more spinning fibre with us as well, which we were very happy to see finding new loving homes.

Late on Sunday all the excitement reached its pinnacle when word started spreading that the magical, ethereal, unreal Yarn Harlot was nearing the marketplace. One could literally hear the wave of oohs and aahs before she actually came in sight — proving how much of an influence she is to Canadian knitters.

Also, one particular truth universally acknowledged was proven to still hold true — knitters and Trekkies go hand in hand.

Hope your Knit City was as awesome as ours! See you next year!