Spinzilla Series: Setting spinning goals

Planning your spinning goals (Photo by Grace Verhagen)

Planning your spinning goals (Photo by Grace Verhagen)

Spinzilla is a wonderful time to try to expand your spinning horizons. Although we are all competing to spin the most total yardage, this is also a terrific opportunity to try something new to you. “Expanding your horizons” does not mean you have to reinvent the wheel (har har) — you can choose to adopt a new technique or style that you haven’t tried before or break out of that spinning rut.

Maybe you want to change why you want to spin?

  • You can spin simply for the sake of spinning — and thats awesome. A finished skein of yarn is a perfectly acceptable goal; there is no Spinning Police to say you must have a finished project in mind when you start spinning if you don’t want to!
  • Try to recreate a specific kind of yarn. Picture in your head what you would like your finished yarn to look like. Think about what you want the properties of this yarn to be. Sample it. Did it work?!
  • Create a specific yarn for finished project. Not only must you consider the properties of the final yarn, but you will need to decide how much yarn is required and what the project will be used for (for example — are you knitting a baby sweater that will be machine-washed by a mother, or a delicate cashmere shawl that will be only washed by hand?)

You can change the way you spin!

  • Do you normally spin thick or thin yarn? Try the reverse — or try slubs! (aka — thick and thin).
  • How are you going to use this yarn? Take some time to decide if your yarn would be knitted Continental or English, crocheted, or woven, and choose the correct twist direction for your project!
  • Do you always spin woolen or worsted yarn? Try a new drafting technique! Over the fold, long draw… so many possibilities!
  • Like to play with colour? Try a new colour blending technique… marled, striped, random, or carded colours, it can all be beautiful! Experiment!

Check a box on your Spinner’s Bucket List

  • Spin as much fibre as possible in a set period of time.
  • Prepare your fibre by hand using tools such as handcards, a drumcarder, hand combs, or a flick carder.
  • Try reproducing a novelty yarn.
  • Spin on a drop spindle.
  • Spin your own hand-dyed fibre.
  • Spin a new fibre type, such as alpaca, bamboo, or silk.

In general…

  • Take inspiration from the world around you. Nature has an endless supply of colours and textures it’s willing to share with you.
  • Try anything, but continue doing what you enjoy. Crafting time is precious, but you will know know how to feel about something if you have tried it.
  • Take the time to learn. You may not master a new unique in fifteen minutes. You may not master it in six months. Give yourself the same space and patience when learning new skills as you would give a child trying to tie her own shoes. There is no such thing as failure until you have stopped trying.

But if you are spinning for Spinzilla on Team SweetGeorgia Yarns…

  • Spin as much yardage as possible!
  • Spin whenever you can!