ISLAND blog tour & giveaway

Grace Cardigan knit in SweetGeorgia BFL Sock (Deep Olive). Designed by Jane Richmond.

Grace Cardigan knit in SweetGeorgia BFL Sock (Deep Olive). Designed by Jane Richmond.

I first heard that Jane Richmond’s new book had come out when we were at Knit City in October 2012. Carina was working with me in our booth and she came running over, saying, “omg I gotta get Jane Richmond’s new book” and I said, “what new book!?! get me one, please!”. Minutes later, Jane completely sold out of her printed copies at the show… and for good reason.

ISLAND features five new designs by Jane Richmond including a cardigan (Grace), scarf (Strathcona), hat (Renfrew), cowl (Arbutus), and fingerless mitts (Rathtrevor). The inspiration for these pieces comes from her beloved, Vancouver Island. If you’ve ever been to the Island, you’ll sense the Pacific Northwest in her designs and the gorgeous photos by Nicholas Kupiak. The design and layout of the book itself was done by Shannon Cook.

The patterns, photos, layout and even the feel of the paper help to convey that sort of meditative, rustic, fresh but relaxed feeling. All the designs look classic but modern, minimal and timeless. I knit myself a Grace cardigan and the Arbutus cowl, but I could easily see myself knitting all these designs more than once. The simple accessories would all make wonderful gift knits.


Grace Cardigan knit in BFL Sock (Oxblood)

Grace Cardigan knit in BFL Sock (Oxblood)

Back in March 2012, Jane had contacted me about dyeing our Deep Olive green on the BFL Sock to knit one of her new designs. That new design ended up being the “Grace” cardigan. This cardigan is knit from the top-down in one piece and features a lace yoke that feels minimal and modern. Designed in fingering weight yarn, it’s lightweight enough for layering.

I started knitting a Grace cardigan at the beginning of November and finally finished it during my trip to Long Beach for TNNA. It’s a lovely and easy knit… the only thing that was a little confusing for me was keeping track of my lace stitches in the yoke. I had to rip back a couple times because I kept forgetting to make yarnovers. And I think I ended up knitting my cardigan a little longer than specified. I knit the 34″ version and it only took 2 skeins and a small amount of a third skein.

The pattern is written in ELEVEN sizes, to fit busts between 30″ to 50″. To make the pattern easier to read, the pattern is written in a “fill-in-the-blanks” style. You first choose your size, then you consult the table of all the stitch counts and measurements and then copy the values into your pattern template. Then as you knit your pattern, you only see the values that are relevant to your project! No worries about accidentally reading the wrong line or size!

I love my Grace cardi. I just wish I had done two things differently… I wish I had made the upper sleeves bigger to fit my arms. Somehow wishing I had thinner arms is the same as wishing I was taller… it’s just not gonna happen. And I wish that I had made single yarnover buttonholes. The buttons I chose were so tiny, they don’t stay buttoned. But other than that, I love this design.


Arbutus cowl knit in SweetGeorgia Trinity Worsted (Wisteria)

Arbutus cowl knit in SweetGeorgia Trinity Worsted (Wisteria)

Jane was wearing the Arbutus cowl at the Knit City show in October and I was immediately smitten. It’s pure genius. Jane has designed this welted cowl to bunch and fall perfectly.

Basically, there are three tiers to the cowl. Starting at the top, you knit the first tier of the cowl. Then you cast off a portion of the stitches and cast on more stitches for the section tier, making the second tier slightly wider than the first. The third tier is similarly wider than the second. As a result, the cowl looks like it’s been casually wrapped around your neck three times, but isn’t bulky.

When I saw the Arbutus cowl, I knew I had to find just the right yarn for it. I’ve been testing new base yarns and found one that fit the bill perfectly… It’s our new Trinity Worsted: cashmere, superwash merino and silk in a squishy soft worsted weight (available shortly). I know Jane calls for DK in her pattern, but the Worsted weight worked just fine too. I just went up a needle size. I’m just finishing the last few rounds of the cowl (sorry there’s no finished cowl photos yet!) but I’ll be wearing it at Fibres West in a couple weeks!

Want to win a signed copy of the book?

Jane has graciously given me a signed copy of the book to give to one of you lucky knitters! And to sweeten the pot, I’ll include a skein of our SweetGeorgia Trinity Worsted (would make a great Arbutus Cowl or Renfrew hat) in a colour of your choice. Here’s the rules and how to enter:

  • Leave me a comment here, telling me which pattern in ISLAND you want to knit and why!
  • Be sure to include your email address or Ravelry ID or some way for me to contact you.
  • One entry per person, open to international entries too.
  • Giveaway ends one week from today — 11:59pm on Tuesday, February 26th.

Thank you so much to Jane for inviting me to be a part of the ISLAND blog tour! Want to see what other people are saying? Follow the rest of the blog tour!



  • sands

    Hey Felicia!

    I’d definitely stitch up a Grace cardigan, though the slouchiness of the Renfrew has me itching to finish midterms and get to what really matters… :) She’s done a fantastic job on the patterns and I gotta say, your sock yarn made for a really really great xmas gift for a friend i met up with in vietnam over xmas! he wore the ‘birkensox’ i designed, despite being at the beach! (sandystix on ravelry)

    be well! sands

  • Katie

    I would love to knit up Grace and Strathcona. Grace seems so perfect for sock yarn which is my addiction and such a pleasing design for any shape of person. Theres so many sweater designs that are only tall person or big or small busted designs. And Strathcona is amazing it would dress up any outfit!
    Sheltipap on ravelry

  • Brea

    Hi There Felicia!

    Thanks for posting about Jane’s book! I’ve heard a lot about it from various sources and would definitely love to get my hands on a copy! What a great give-away!

    I’ve seen the Arbutus cowl now in a few places and I’m dying to knit one for myself! Can you believe I haven’t knitted a cowl yet? So, I figure this one would be a really good place to start! Looks so yummy and squishy! :)

    Thanks again!
    (Canadia98 on Ravelry)

  • Catie Phillips

    I’d love to knit the Arbutus cowl – I get so much use out of my cowls and I love how fast they knit up. I could see it done up beautifully in some handspun too.

  • Dawn Linder

    I’d like to make the Grace cardigan. I’ve been looking for the perfect cardigan pattern for years and I think this is the one. Tomigirl44 on ravelry

  • Zaelia Blue

    I’d love to knit Renfrew and Grace, but with the book, eventually all of the patterns! I haven’t tried SweetGeorgia Trinity Worsted yet and would be super, super happy to win both these excellent prizes. Ravelry ID = Zaelia-Blue

  • Kiki Kawaii

    I agree with your assessment that the Grace lace panel feels wonderfully minimalist. I’d definitely love to knit it!
    (yarn-vs-zombies on Rav)

  • Robin Yates

    I think the Arbutus cowl is lovely and would look perfect knit in with Sweet Georgia yarn!

    (craftybird on ravelry)

  • Cynthia M

    The lace mesh scarf is so pretty in blue. Moving to a tropical climate soon and looking for things to knit that are summer friendly.
    cymejia on ravelry

  • Patti D’Ambrosca Ward

    I love knitting fingerless mitts, so the first thing I would make is the lovely Rathtrevor pair.
    Patti aka wombatknitter on Ravelry.

  • Brenda Castiel

    I love the Grace sweater, so elegant and yet so wearable.
    (goodstuff on Rav)

  • Ella

    I love the Grace Cardigan and definitely make it if I won this book. Thanks for the giveaway! ellabobella on Rav

  • Meghan Ciana Doidge

    Oh! Me! Me! I already have grace, arbutus, and those perfect wrist warmers queued!
    I’m mdoidge on Ravelry.

  • Vanessa

    I don’t know that I can pick just one pattern – but I’d START with Renfrew!
    vneuman on Ravelry

  • Chantel Clausen

    Oooh, I’d totally make Strathcona! It’s super cute, and I can totally see myself wearing it to school! (CanadianDot on Rav)

  • LisaBurrito

    I’m still a newbie knitter – but I’m drawn to the Renfrew – love the delicate cable… wonder if I’m ready for it? I quite like your Grace, Felicia – the longness is lovely!

  • CarylK

    Oh, the Arbutus cowl looks wonderful, especially if made in a luxury fibre yarn :) That would be perfect. I really like the Grace cardi as well, it’s very pretty. (CarylK on Rav)

  • Dina McBride
  • jennemmer

    The Grace cardigan is lovely. I actually saw it in person at knitcity and it became a favorite, along with the Rathtrevor fingerless gloves.

  • Christina

    I would love to knit myself a Grace cardigan. I have been wanting to tackle a cardigan for years and this one makes me want to bite the bullet and do it. But I’d also cast on Renfrew at the same time, for something fun and quick. (Charisch on Rav)

  • Mitzi McFarlane

    Because I can see spring starting to come out of hiding I would love to make the Rathtrevor mitts, the perfect between season knit! Thanks for this terrific give away, rav= itzmitzi

  • docksjo

    Renfrew, I just love it and want one of my own.
    Ninnilina on Ravelry

  • Kit

    Grace, because I keep knitting sweaters for other people, and I feel like maybe I should stop wearing hoodies ALL of the time… @kit_monster/ (r)kitmonster

  • Rebecca

    I would love this book! Not sure what I would knit first, the sweater or the hat. Probably the hat. But I love all 5 designs! I’m emily37 on Rav.

  • diane

    pick me! I’d love this book. I would do the sweater first! dianeiam on rav. Thanks!

  • Kate

    Grace, because that’s just the type of cardigan that I wear! I’m Aelia on rav!

  • Juliaknit

    The Grace Cardi because I have a sweaters worth of fingering weight that wants to be this sweater.
    Juliaknit on Ravelry

  • janet daum

    I love the idea of the very simple yet different cowll. Yarn is beautiful also!

  • Robbie

    I’d knit them all but start with Arbutus.

  • Christine

    I love all the patterns but I would start with Renfrew.

  • Jane D

    That collection looks better every time I see it! I definitely have my eye on that cardigan pattern for my future.

  • Ingrid

    I’ve been planning to knit Grace ever since I first saw it on Ravelry. It’s such a classic cardigan. knittinging on Ravelry.

  • Janine

    I would love to knit Grace. I am a newbie sweater knitter and with that many sizes, I think I could find the right one for me. My rav name is janineny2001.

  • Susan

    They all look wonderful, but I love the Arbutus tree so I think I’d start with Arbutus. We are moving from Nova Scotia back to BC this year and will live on Vancouver Island so having a book with patterns based there would be so special. Love your yarn too, can’t wait to live closer. :)

    Knitsgolden on Ravelry

  • Simone

    I’d start with Renfrew but Grace is a close second as I have been wanting to try a top-down cardigan…. You can reach me on Twitter @recycledrats

  • Louise

    Strathcona is lovely, I love the delicate drape of the open work but there is something “stabilising” in the ends of the piece. It’s a lovely design construction.

  • Chelsea W

    I love the patterns in this book! I think I would start Grace first, though I’m sure I would have the same hiccups with the lace. Thanks for the chance :-)

  • Julia

    Beautiful photos and designs. I would start with Grace. I haven’t knit a cardigan or sweater in a while and I think this would be a great ine to make. All the projects are lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Melissa

    I love these designs and would like to knit arbutus. It would gorgeous in a bright sweet Georgia colorway! Reskeined on rav

  • Emily

    I would knit the Stracona — looks like a perfect springtime scarf!
    (ahappyaccident on Ravelry)

  • Stephanie

    Renfrew!!! Wow that’s stunning. I would first start off with that beanie then move onto Grace in probably the same colorway to match the beanie!! Gorgeous designs and of course made with gorgeous yarns :) Wildflowr on Ravelry
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Vikki Barnett

    Would love to knit the arbutas. Beautiful book. Love your yarns!

  • Anne Marie

    I just love the Grace cardigan. I NEED it in my wardrobe! Rav amchart

  • Anne Marie Becka

    Love, love, love that hat! And I’m a huge fan of your yarns! Thanks for a great give-away….. Spinfrenzy

  • Craftykaren

    I am still at the stage of just knitting accessories, so scarf, cowl and maybe the hat too!

  • Trina B.
  • Lila Brueggeman

    I see three items that I would like to knit from this book, but Grace would be my first choice. cryla1009 (Rav)

  • Trina B.

    I would love to make the arbutus cowl. The design is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and looks very interesting…I’m addicted to cowls at the moment. Ravelry ID is cbaird25. Thanks!

  • Marilyn Fenton

    Love the arbutus and it looks easy enough for social knitting.

  • Sharlene

    I have already made Arbutus, but would love to make Grace.

  • Pennster

    I have Grace on my to-do list, it looks like it is nice & light, perfect for warmer spring & fall days & a layer for the winter!

  • Barb

    I’ve been salivating over Grace since I first saw it…..and Arbutus….it’s calling my name too….

    Rav name is Barb

  • stefanie g-r

    I pretty much want to make EVERYTHING in this book! It’s fantastic! I’m stefaniegrrr on Ravelry. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • josiekre

    I’d really like to knit Grace! Been kind of stalking the blog tour. A grad student budget will do that to you 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

    josiekre on Rav

  • TheKnittingKnerd

    The Grace cardigan is so charming!

  • Hilary Thomson

    I would love to make that delicate Strathcona scarf for spring!

  • Monica

    I have my heart set on Renfrew, but Grace is a perfect cardigan. AndIam intruigued by Arbutus… Ok, so I’d knit them all!!!!
    I am knitulescu on ravelry

  • cecile

    The first thing on my needles would be the Renfrew hat, then the Grace cardigan (I love it in the oxblood colorway!). Thanks for the giveaway!

    CecileinIndiana on Rav.

  • asteride

    Arbutus is the one I’m going to knit soon. Looks like it is easy and chic at the same time.
    Thank you for the international giveaway.
    asteride on Ravelry

  • Sally K

    Arbutus is my 1st choice but the other projects are fab, too. Thanks for the chance! : ) My rav ID: ocean1120

  • kwiltykimknits2

    I love Strathcona and would probably cast that one on first! Thanks for the chance! :o) I’m kwiltykimknits2 on Ravelry!

  • jessicac

    I would knit the Arbutus cowl! I need a new cowl in the rotation… and this one looks perfect!

  • JulieR

    Strathcona – for sure – I LOVE using scarves as accessories and it is SO beautiful.
    Then the cowl…
    Then the hat…
    …catch my drift!

  • Kelsey Millar

    I’d love to knit the Strathcona scarf. Looks perfect for spring! The Arbutus cowl also looks tempting, though I struggle with short rows a bit so it would be a challenge for me. If I win I’d definitely work it out!

    I am HeartOfSilver on Ravelry.

  • philosophydoll

    The Renfrew to start for sure!!! Your version of Grace is beautiful. I esp. love the colourway your chose.

  • DianaBloom

    Wow, that book looks amazing! I think I would be the most excited to make the Grace cardigan just cause cardigans look so nice and are so easy to wear. I like the lace stitching in the top too. =) Trying out your new yarn would be awesome too! I’ve been totally hooked on your yarn and fibre since I took your Craftsy class. =)

  • Savannagal

    I would definitely make the Grace Cardigan. I like it quite a lot. I’ve also wanted to try your yarns for a long time now. I can’t purchase it locally so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I always read great things about it, and I absolutely adore the gorgeous colors.

  • Mari Kirsten

    Oh man… I love Jane Richmond!!! I would make the Arbutus Cowl. Mainly because I’ve never knit a cowl and it seems like this one is just perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • ExpectingSam

    I so want to make the Grace cardigan. It is just lovely.

  • Cindy

    Renfrew is calling to me so I would love to win the book!

    My ravelry id is Knitcoach

  • Georgia70

    I love the Cowl and the Cardigan. I would be hard to choose, but great in Sweet Georgia yarns!

  • disco

    I like alot of the patterns, so its hard to say just which one I’d knit first! I love the Arbutus cowl design. My rav id is disco

  • Shaw

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. I’d love to do the Grace Cardigan because there are relatively few patterns nowadays in fingering weight. I bet it would be gorgeous in your BFL sock – slinky and shiny!

  • ruth

    Renfrew is my favourite. I love the simplicity of the design, which allows the cabled portion to stand out. Can’t wait to start knitting it for myself, and maybe make extras for Christmas gifts. I can see it worn by either a woman or man.

  • linda roller

    I love the Arbutus scarf, it drapes well. I love the patterns and yarn. rinebird. On Ravelry.

  • Susan Davis

    I want to knit them all, but after seeing your version of Grace, I think I would have to try that one first. My yahoo email is sdavis05401

  • alcbrooks

    I’m with you- I’d want to make the Grace Cardigan. I love the lace pattern mixed with the solid stockinette. alcbrooks on Ravelry

  • Debbie Hallamek

    My fav is Strathcona – very pretty!

  • Jenni

    I would definitely make the Arbutus cowl. I’m currently slogging through a poncho on size 3 (unusually small for me) needles for my baby cousin who turns 1 year old in April. Once I’m done with that, I’d love to do something on bigger needles and for me!

  • Laura

    I love all of them, but Grace is fabulous!
    rav ID: culabrat

  • Tiffany C

    I would start with the Arbutus cowl – it’s so beautiful! I’m still finishing up my 2012 Christmas presents – and feel that I deserve something for me once I’ve conquered them!

  • Dianne

    I love the Grace cardigan…but it would be a hard call not to start with that cowl. SO cool!

  • Darlene Wilson
  • Veronica

    I would knit the Arbutus cowl because I love cowls. I don’t think you can ever have too many of them. I love the way the Arbutus one drapes. Thanks for the chance to win. My Ravelry ID: VeronicaMade

  • Lisa

    I am so in love with all these designs, but I would knit arbutus first because I’m intrigued by it’s construction. And I would love to try out the new yarn base :) knursekettle on ravelry

  • florapie

    Such fun! I actually already have a signed copy of the book and have whipped up both Arbutus and Renfrew, with Grace planned for later. But I’m commenting anyway because I’d love to make another Arbutus with Trinity Worsted!

  • Christy Kitsch

    I have wanted to knit Rathtrevor ever since I saw the first projects make the blog rounds! I need them because for typing in a freezing office.

  • Judigo

    I would start with Grace I think because I love openwork in the yoke!

    Judigo on Ravelry

  • Daisy Locke

    I definitely have to knit Arbutus because it is freezing cold in Ottawa and will be for months! That groundhog lies!

  • Sandra Helsley

    I would knit the Arbutus cowl… or the Strathcona scarf… or the Grace pullover… Wait, I guess all of them! They’re all beautiful and have fantastic details that would be fun to make.

  • Jan Smiley

    Felicia, Oooh, if I win the book, I already have 3 hanks of your yarn that would be perfect for the Grace cardigan! Crossing my fingers for the random number :-) Hope all is well with you!!

  • Anita J

    I would love to knit the grace cardigan with Sweet Georgia yarn. The yarn would show the pattern best, and the pattern would suit this 64 year old frame!

  • Susan

    Most of my knitting is accessories, so I would start with the scarf and the cowl. But the sweater is so pretty, I will be tempted to try that soon. I love so many of Jane Richmond’s designs. I would love to win this book! Thanks for doing this.

  • Anita J

    Forgot to say, I hope I win the book because there are three patterns I want to make, all with Sweet Georgia yarn

  • Sarah Pope

    I’ve long had in mind to do a set of patterns inspired by my own home island, just across the water from Jane Richmond’s, so I’m really tickled she’s done this! Beautiful, wearable pieces… just the way we like them in the Pacific Northwest. I think Grace and Arbutus are my favorites. Love your versions, too!

  • Crystal Baker

    I love the grace cardigan.
    My rav name is bakerpack

  • Collette Rand

    First Arbutus then Renfrew! I’ve had my eye on that cowl for a while. Thanks for giving us a peek into how it’s constructed. I knew that I liked the way that it looked but I think it’ll be fun to knit now too.

  • Hannely

    This book looks gorgeous! I think I’d start with the Arbutus, but I love that cardigan. (hannehanne on ravelry)

  • irnbtrfly

    The Grace Cardigan just jumped to the top of my To Do List. Now I just need the book. (irnbtrfly on ravelry)

  • Hannah

    I want to knit everything in this book, but I think Renfrew will be the first thing I cast on :-)
    Rav ID: ride2fly

  • Karen Olthof

    OOOO, I love all the patterns and would eventually knit them all…….but I would cast on Grace first because I already have the yarn! (MrsOhh on ravelry)

  • Deb

    Hi Felicia, I have not a chance to see too many of the patterns in, “Island”, but the first site of “Grace Cardigan” told me I wanted to knit it! The deep olive color it is shown in here is fantabulous. Of course there are others in the book I would like to knit like the hat, but Grace won my heart. bluewingteal is my Ravelry name.Thanks for the opportunity to win this new book, Deb from MN

  • naomil1
  • betty

    I love the Arbutus Cowl especially, but will probably knit the equally beautiful Grace cardigan first. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!
    Rav ID: 3catos

  • Jamie W.

    I love the Grace cardigan. Simple and classic. The lace also makes it wearable for warmer weather.

  • kim

    I like the look of the Grace cardigan, because my favourite fingering weight cardigan has a hole in it and I have no idea how to mend lace so it sits in the mending pile. Smidget on Rav

  • Denise Katz

    I like the Rathtrevor mitts and the Strathcona scarf best although I do like all of the others as well. Denise k (kittykatz on Ravelry)

  • Lisa

    How lovely and coincidental. Arbutus is the pattern I want to do most, with Strathcona coming in next. Would love to have a new knitting project start! I just need an excuse. lkristy on Ravelry.

  • Tara Rafiq

    i would love to knit the Arbutus cowl. It looks like such a great design, and cowls are my favourite cold weather accessories!

  • LissaG

    Love the Strathcona scarf… And it’s fitting since its my neighbourhood too! Thanks Felicia.

  • Sally

    I would love to make the arbutus cowl, it’s beautiful. Thanks! sallyisknitting on Ravelry

  • FlannelJammies

    I would have to make at least one of each, as they are all such lovely and wearable patterns. I would probably start with Rathtrevor since I am in desperate need of fingerless mitts!

    RavID: FlannelJammiesd

  • Lolly

    I would make Arbutus because the design is just so clever!
    Rav ID: LollyDesigns

  • Joanne

    I like the Renfrew hat – just the right amount of cable, and nice and slouchy.
    Thanks! joannethreadhead on Ravelry

  • NJ

    I think I would make the Grace cardigan – it looks lovely and its time to move on from socks to something bigger!

  • Ruinwen Dagorielle

    The grace cartigan has such lovely lines. I want to make this for myself in something yummy. :)

  • Mandy McElrath

    I’ve already knit the Renfrew and I love it! I want to knit everything from this book. I really want to knit the Rathtrevor mitts next. They are simple, modern, and feminine.

  • sugarknit

    I would love Renfrew! Your hats are to die for, and this one would be great to add to my collection. Sweet Georgia yarn would make it even more beautiful! Grace Cardi is awesome, too, but I’m stickin with Renfrew since my kids keep me too busy to knit something bigger. Sugarknit on ravelry.

  • Felicia H.

    I’m in the middle of kniting the Rathtrevor mitts – one done, one to go – love them so far. I would love to have a chance to win some of your lovely yarn and a signed book!

  • margo

    i want to knit everything in island! i’ve had my eye on renfrew from the moment i saw the preview video! it’s got a slouch i love and the mock cable pattern, reverse stockinette combo looks like so much to knit.

    but that grace cardi is something. i’m already planning on ordering some sweet georgia to knit it with. i just need to make a dent on my current actual queue (vs. ravelry queue. which is rather out of control).

  • Sarah

    I want to knit up Grace. I am just finishing up my first ever adult sized sweater (oatmeal by Jane) and I can’t wait to knit up something else.. my rav id is sariehiggy

  • Rebecca

    Gorgeous sweater! Gorgeous book! Gorgeous yarn! I really want to knit the Grace cardigan now that I’ve seen yours. Lovely. And I can’t wait to pick up some SweetGeorgia yarn for my next project. You can find me on ravelry: ackirebecci.

  • Shelley Beaver

    I LOVE the grace caridgan! That would be my choice of patterns!! Living and working in the Pacific Northwest I am always looking for cardigans for year round wear! I love the openess on the yoke!

  • Amanda

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’d love to win a copy of ISLAND. Most likely Rathtrevor would be the first thing I’d cast on, but I’d love to make Grace as well.

    RavId: AmandaLynA

  • Kim Griswold

    I would love a copy of this book. The first project I would cast on would be the Grace Cardigan. It is such a beautiful cardigan, simple but with some interest to it; it inspires me.
    Email:[email protected]

  • Eunice

    Arbutus for sure. I am currently obsessed with cowls!

  • Lynn

    I think the Grace cardigan is gorgeous! I would to knit it because my first cardigan was by Jane so I think it’s only fitting to have my second cardigan by her too!

  • Kathy

    I love Grace and would cast it on immediately, but the other patterns would all be on my ‘to knit’ list

  • sharon jones

    Love the arbutus cowl and the grace cardigan—lovely patterns.

  • Taryn

    The Grace cardi immediately caught my eye–love the yoke and I just heart cardigans. I’m a fairly new knitter but feel ready to tackle a garment and that pattern screams, “Me, you must knit me!”

  • Danielle Zimmerman

    I like Grace but also like Renfrew. That looks like a hat that I could wear with my hair up for once. Great patterns! Rav ID is laniamore

  • Emiko

    Renfrew! because I had a great time getting lost on my way there and I love the hat. :)

  • Richelle Chambers Krotts

    I really want to make the Grace cardi. It’s been in my queue since it first came out. I got some gorgeous rich mahogany colored fingering weight with some sparkle in it that I got at the first Sock Summit (yes, over three years ago) that has been waiting for the perfect project and I think this one is it! My Rav ID is RichelleCK.

  • ravelinglightly (Ravelry)

    I’d love to make the Arbutus because it IS genius, but I’m also eyeing the Rathtrevor mitts.

  • Dimples74 @ Ravelry
  • SusanH

    I love the Strathcona scarf…I love the shape and stitch pattern! I’m sgeorge24 on Rav.

  • Jenn

    Oh! The Grace is so nice. I’m going to make the Strathcona in gorgeous bright colours for spring! Dutch maybe? rav id: jlaing

  • nushechka
  • Zaani

    I would love to knit the Renfrew hat! It’s so fresh and springlike in that lovely green, and it might help chase away the winter blues :) Ravelry: Zaani-KT

  • Marie Forest

    I really want to knit the Grace cardigan. I find it just perfect. It can easily be dess up or down. And the lace detail is just sweet enough for my taste. :) Ravelry: mmeforest

  • Tania

    I love love love Renfrew. I simply adore hats which are simple with one “stripe” of interest up the side. I queued it as soon as I saw it. I see knitting this in a fun bright colour as my winter coat is a neutral grey. Rav id: tankinisurf

  • Shaj Jacks

    I’m new to knitting & fell in love with knitting hats. Renfrew would be a lovely challenge for me, but the thought of it in a bright loud color keeping me warm would help me meet this challenge.

  • May

    Love the Grace cardi… so beautiful and perfect for spring!! Thanks Felicia for an awesome giveaway.

  • Doreen

    Renfrew! I queued it last November but still haven’t had a chance to start it. I also would knit Strathcona and Rathtrevor – I think they’d look great together. Oh, I’d probably knit the whole book.

  • Katie

    I am going to knit them all! Just waiting to find the perfect yarn for all of them! Thanks!

  • Caite

    I love the Grace! I have been knitting for a few years and have never tried a cardigan and would love to try this one :)
    Rav ID caite

  • Susan Ritchie Voegtly

    I am addicted to something wrapped around my neck! The Arbutus cowl looks like it would fit the bill wonderfully.

  • Greta
  • Tanis

    I’ve fallen in love with her designs and she’s introduced me to your beautiful yarn- Grace is top of my list- can’t wait to get it started!!

  • Stephanie Gordon

    I would love to knit the Strathcona (along with many other projects in this lovely book). I love the airy “feel” of this scarf!!! Thank you! Stephanie (indigodogmt on Ravelry) P.S. Your Grace looks beautiful!

  • Libby H.

    Love love love the grace cardigan! I am a sucker for a good sweater. Thanks for the chance!

  • Myong

    I’d love to knit the Arbutus cowl with the yarn I’d win.
    mhchong on Ravelry

  • mvink

    I would absolutely love to knit the Grace cardigan. It is gorgeous! If I won the yarn it would be tough to decide which one I’d knit up because they are all so beautiful.
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Ravelry ID: mvink

  • Lucia

    I’d knit all the patterns but I’d start with Rathtrevor, because I love fingerless mitts!
    Ravelry id: Dawnreads

  • Monica

    Is difficult to pick a favorite one as they are all great designs. I would start with Grace. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Rav id = mmgrrr

  • Bttrflywmn

    I want to knit some fingerless gloves and scarves. Ravelry id: Bttrflywmn

  • Cindy

    I would love to knit Renfrew. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Kate

    I am torn between the cardigan and the cowl!! I think I would have to knit both! What a gorgeous collection. Tanks for sharing it with us :) my Ravelry id is katelemay

  • Joanne G

    Oh …just one? Grace
    Johalley on Rav

  • lkmemphis

    Wow, even though the winter is ending (it is ending, isn’t it?) I am drawn to the Arbutus cowl. It’s such a clever design! And I like your idea of knitting it in a worsted weight.
    –Loel (lkmemphis in rav)

  • Barb

    I think I hear Grace calling! Love that sweater :) Yours is gorgeous!

  • Fiona

    Arbutus would be the perfect start for me, closely followed by Strathcona.
    Rav ID: pipnmilly

  • Evieandlily

    I would love to knit the strathcona scarf, which would be perfect for the coming spring
    Rav id: evieandlily

  • Cindy Malone

    I would love to do the Arbutus Cowl. Love that the book is set on our beautiful island!
    Rav id: Cindymalone

  • hotcheese

    Well in a typical cart before the horse fashion, I bought 4 skeins of Sweet Georgia tough love sock yarn in the colour “mist” to make a Grace cardigan! Now I just need to win a book :) Sarah (hotcheese on Ravelry)

  • Val

    Love all of them, and would definitely knit Grace when I have some knitting time freed up, however, for the short term I would love to knit Arbutus! Beautiful design, simple concept. Keeping my fingers crossed…
    Val (Knittinghobbit on rav)

  • Carol

    Love the Strathcona scarf or Arbutus cowl! cesmith08 is my Ravelry id.

  • ♫ Jenn Jenn ♫

    What a fantastic collection of patterns :) I’m torn between starting with the Strathcona and the Arbutus… I’m addicted to making cowls and scarves. I can’t get enough of them… :)

    On Ravelry: TheCraftyUnicorn

  • Katarina Macan Šteler

    Love all patterns! I wan’t to knit Grace.. its just perfect spring cardigan. Katarinall on ravelry.

  • Margaret

    I am such a sucker for semisolid yarns knit in garter stitch for some reason, AND I love Arbutus trees (Americans call them Madrona, but we spend so much time back and forth across the border that my family uses both terms), so I’d have to go with the Arbutus cowl pattern. I love it already! I’m MGMills on Ravelry.

  • Rise Biggs

    I love the Grace sweater. I have been looking for something like this for ages. It fits everything I wanted in a cardigan, fingering weight, top down, and a bit of lace. rkbiggs at yahoo dot com