Spring 2013 Colours Preview

There is a moment of temporary peace as the shipping crate that contains all our TNNA booth yarns and props was picked up today. The crate is probably 300 lbs (who knew yarn could be that heavy) and is now on it’s way to Long Beach. Pray that it arrives safely. I can’t seem to imagine anything worse (right now) than all your boothly possessions being stuck at the border or lost.

Just before packing them up in the crate, I snapped a quick shot of these swatches. The eight swatches on the top of the pile are our new colourways for Spring. There’s five tonal semi-solids and three variegated colourways that were originally super popular Club colourways.

If you’ve seen our new Colourways section on the website, you’ll have noticed our new colour swatches. They are all knit up! Terry Villeneuve, the spinning and weaving equipment manager at Place des Arts, owns a sock knitting machine and she helpfully knit up all our colourways in tubes that are 60 stitches around. That means, you’ll be able to better predict how our yarns will knit up if you choose to use them for socks.

Terry knit all the colours together in a big long continuous tube, delimited by plain old cotton yarn which we cut and discarded. I went about separating the tube into manageable portions and then washed and blocked them all. Ginny and Liisa went about finishing over 60 swatches with Kitchener stitch. I was just going to suggest three-needle bind off, but they were so competent at Kitchener, they went ahead and finished them all beautifully.

If you’re at TNNA in Long Beach, you’ll see the swatches in action. Otherwise, you can always visit them on the website here. And these new colours: Wisteria, Rosebud, Birch, Jade, Lawn, Rockwater, Sitka, and Stormchaser will be available shortly after we return for California in February.

  • afternoonmoon

    such an awesome idea to separate them with white and a natural yarn for contrast! although I believe it is time to invest in a sock knitting machine! Stellar idea!

  • Kat

    I’m so excited to see Sitka! I wasn’t a part of this yarn club but I did see this yarn and always thought that it was such a beautiful colour… I can’t wait to stop by the studio and see the new colours myself!

  • Lolly

    Oh my goodness, that purple is just stunning!

  • June Oshiro

    FANTASTIC idea to knit them up in the round in approximate sock size. I wish everyone did this. Herculean task to Kitchener so many swatches! 😀

  • Atul Sharma

    Wow…these are really nice colors of yarns you have shown in the post.

  • Emma G.

    OH MY PURPLE! Can’t wait to see these in person at TNNA!!!!! -Emma