Doctor Who Scarf

One colour palette for the Doctor Who Scarf

One colour palette for the Doctor Who Scarf

A couple days ago, a knitter emailed saying that she’s like to knit her son a Doctor Who Scarf and she wanted my help with the colours. I poked around a bit and discovered that there are a zillion patterns or recipes for the “Tom Baker” scarf…

Being a bit fussy, I wanted to know that the colours that I was trying to match to were correct to begin with. All the photos I found had very liberal translations of the original colours. I stumbled upon this AMAZING and SUPER DETAILED Doctor Who Scarf website that gives a history of this infamous scarf and all the variations. There’s even a downloadable PDF showing what colours and how many rows to knit. In terms of colours and yardage, here is how it would translate to our colours in the Superwash Worsted:

Specified Colour SweetGeorgia Colour Yardage Required
Tumbled Stone
Deep Olive
Black Plum

Here is a better view of the colours I suggested:

The “purple” seems a bit loose… I see photos that are like “Grape Crush” purple and others that are burgundy. I chose Black Plum because it melds together with the other colours well, but if you prefer for the purple to “pop”, then I’d go with Boysenberry. Our Tumbled Stone and Bison are more on the “cool side” than the original tan and brown specified.

Thinking about knitting your own Doctor Who Scarf? Maybe have a look at Witty Little Knitter too. She’s knit 50 of these scarves and lists patterns for all different variations. She even has a page about how to wear the scarf!

Tonight, I’m off to knit on my shawl and find some episode of Dr. Who on Netflix…

  • Vancouver Yarn

    Those colour choices are killer! Love them all together. Also, amazing customer service Felicia. You’re a superstar! Janna

    • SweetGeorgia

      Thanks so much Janna! I love these colours together too, but there are so many different ways you could go with the colour selections…

  • Kelsey Millar

    Any chance that you would consider selling kits with the correct colors and yardages? That would be amazing!

    • SweetGeorgia

      That would be a great idea! Thanks!!

    • Nadia Lewis

      I would buy at least one of these kits!

  • Mary Jo C.

    That looks like nice yarn! My favorite scarf of the ones I’ve done was made using Wittylittleknitter’s color advice in KnitPicks Telemark. I have yet to find a selection of colors I like as much as my Telemark ones! If you came out with a kit that would be awesome :)

  • Lolly

    Amazing! I feel like I need one of these scarves.. The Yarn Harlot just knit one, and it filled me with envy.

  • Sam King

    Thank you!! My boyfriend is a huge Whovian and I wanted to make him something special!

  • Stephanie Christine

    would be lovely if you made up a kit of these shades with partial skeins! <3

    • SweetGeorgia

      Thanks!! We did offer this kit for a short period of time… maybe we should bring it back!