Spinning & Dyeing Workshops this Spring at Place des Arts

With all the excitement around publishing the winners of the KAL, I nearly forgot to post about this! I’m very excited to be taking over the teaching of both of Irene Weisner’s workshops this Spring at Place des Arts. Irene was my instructor for a couple years at Place des Arts and I am half-thrilled, half-paralyzed by fear about stepping into her very big shoes. But spinning and dyeing have long been passions of mine and I’m looking forward to sharing this with more people.

Place des Arts will be offering one spinning workshop at the end of April and a dyeing workshop at the end of May.

Dyeing to Get Some Colour? (18+ years)
  • Learn simple and creative methods to get the colours you want into your work such as immersion, hot pour, painting, top dye and batching. Bring some natural fibres (commercially spun or handspun yarn).
  • 9053 • SA • May 26 • 12:30-4:30 PM • $55 + tax
Spinning Clinic (18+ years)
  • Are you an inch-worm spinner? Do you need to improve your spinning technique? Or maybe you want to learn how to make funky art yarn. Our well-equipped fibre studio has many of the newer spinning wheels as well as three drum carders to blend creative mixes of fibres and colour.
  • 9054 • SU • Apr 29 • 1:00 – 5:00 PM • $50 + tax

When we first opened the studio, I offered classes in spinning, weaving and dyeing, but gradually as our production dyeing work grew, it squeezed out the ability for us to hold classes in our little space. So this is wonderful to be able to return to teaching! Please feel free to ask me if you have questions about the workshops. Hope you might join us!

  • Kirsten Zerbinis

    This is great news, Felicia!  I’m sure you’ll be a great addition to the PdA faculty.  I’ve actually been wanting to take another spinning class from a new teacher, but most of the options in town are too far away, and on the wrong schedule for me – I may just show up in your spring workshop.  

  • Siew

    This might actually work for me!  I so need to move on and was getting frustrated fumbling along by myself.  What is needed for the spinning class?

  • http://knittersrumble.wordpress.com/ Julianna

    Ahaha, I got all excited thinking this was going to take place at place des arts in Montreal! 

    Unfortunately, BC is just a little too far to travel from Ottawa for me at the moment :) 

    I would LOVE to take a class from you if you ever decide to do one on the east coast!

  • Brianna Asaro and Co.

    Excellent news! Great pic :) Love the colors!

  • Tmfrazer

    Congrats! I loved your dyeing and spinning classes at the studio!

  • http://www.misocraftyknits.com/ Melissa @ MisoCraftyKnits

    Ohh…I would love to take your dyeing class!  Is there a class size limit?

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