Cladonia Colours

Melissa at Espace Tricot also knit up a gorgeous version of Kirsten Kapur’s Cladonia shawl. The shawl is designed to use two contrasting colours in the main body, alternating to make fine stripes. Some knitters have chosen to knit it entirely in one solid colour, but here Melissa has chosen two colourways that are “close” but still visibly distinct. It makes for a beautiful shawl with kind of an undulating colour effect. A great variation on contrasting stripes.

And here’s a subtle and gorgeous version, knit by Ittybitty in Switzerland… it’s a mix of Koigu’s KPM and our Tough Love Sock in Cypress.

So many knitters on Ravelry mentioned that this was a super easy knit… so I added it to the queue and realized it’s #92 in the list of things to knit. Might need to spend a little time culling the queue.

3 comments on “Cladonia Colours
  1. This is gorgeous! Do you have any info on the yardage/number of skeins used?

    A queue cull is a refreshing way to start the new year ;-) I have resolved to try and keep my queue to 2 pages…it’s so difficult with all the beautiful patterns on Ravelry!

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