Socks for Spring – a Knitcircus giveaway

Slanting Rib Socks by Candace Eisner Strick in SweetGeorgia Superwash Sock
SweetGeorgia Superwash Sock in Lakeshore Drive

Ooh, it’s so great that spring is on its way! Launching today is the new Spring 2011 issue of Knitcircus and we’re so happy to see that our Superwash Sock has been knit into the Slanting Rib Socks. The socks introduce some unusual construction methods — some of which should make knitting toes and heels much easier.

Knitcircus has also been really generous and is offering a few of their Pattern Collections as well as a Year Subscription to the magazine (includes 5 full issues of patterns starting with Spring 2011 until Winter 2012). To win one of these prizes, just leave a comment on the blog here and let me know which Spring Knitcircus pattern is catches your eye and might make it to your project queue. We’ll leave this open until Sunday, February 6th at midnight and we’ll randomly draw a few commenters then. Sooo, go ahead and let us know what you think of the new Spring issue!

  • tania

    I love the Alcea shawlette by Susanna Pic. This will definitely go in my queue!

    • Cybersandra

      I have to agree the Alcea shawlette is yummy,nice and challenging ohoh.

  • Cablegal

    I too put the Alcea shawlette at the top of my favourites list and to make queue.

  • Anonymous

    That makes three of us! I’m not huge about wearing shawls, but the Alcea shawl is just gorgeous.

  • Meg

    I love these socks and I’ll also try the blue sky socks. And of course the gluten free macaroons!

  • Natalie

    I like the Blue Lupine Mitts. And Alcea is lovely too.

  • Adriana

    I love Fiery and Gerberada and Alcea. I’m such a sucker for lace shawls.

  • Rachel

    I must join the Alcea crowd, I really like the way it looks!

  • Megan

    I love the slanting rib socks. They look stretchy, functional, and yet fancy. I promise I’m not trying to just flatter you! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Scheusie

    Wow, those socks are stunning. Love the way the pattern works in that colour. great!

  • Wooldurham

    Another vote for Alcea, but I also really love both sock patterns. I’m trying the macarons, too. Great issue!

  • Erin L Weber

    I think my fav is the Spring Sky Socks, but I’m a sucker for a pair of socks.

  • Laura

    I love the Slanting Rib socks! They are gorgeous (especially in that colorway!). I also love Alcea. So many awesome patterns in that issue, though– too hard to choose just one or two!

  • Stacie

    Alcea is first in my list, followed by the Blue Lupine Mitts.

  • Joyce

    The link isn’t working for me. Darn….maybe something to do with our storm last night. But…..I do love the slanting rib socks you show in your post!

  • Staceyrothrock

    Hubby would look great in the Wandering Oak set!

  • Escr

    I like the Slanting Rib socks and the Alecia

  • Jeffi

    I love the Blue Lupine Mitts, Gerberada and I would love to make Roses are Red for my girls!

  • Linda M Hebb

    The slanting rib socks are beautiful. I want to look closer at the construction techniques as well. The Lakeshore drive colourway certainly caught my eye. I also like the shawlette – Alcea ? Cashsilk lace

  • CrazyVet

    These socks are lovely, ribbed socks are so flattering and comfi, they’re definitely the pattern most likely to enter my queue, especially if there’s an innovating construction technique into them. Other than that, I will surely try the Macaron recipe…

  • sharmie

    i really love the dakota cowl! i totally want one for myself, it looks stunning!

  • nina

    Apart from the Slanting Rib Socks (which show off the yarn just beautifully), I love the Blue Lupine Mitts and the cute little button cuffs. Adorable!

  • arlene

    I love to knit socks so I would add Spring Sky Socks and the Slanting Rib Socks to my queue – all the patterns are tempting. I promised myself that I would not start another knitting project until I finished the cashsilk fern scarf that I am knitting for my daughter – will see if I can resist this sock temptation !!!

  • lacey

    I’m loving the trellis scarfy/wrappy deal. I also like gerberota (spelling?).

  • Ann

    Going out on a limb and promising to make Kalmia sometime soon…although the Slanting Rib Socks are very nice too.

  • sarah :: greenclogs

    I love that sock pattern! I’m curious about her new technique.

  • Kelly

    I love these socks and the spring sky ones!

  • Jennifer

    I am totally jazzed by the Tic Tac hat, but I don’t crochet. I’m dying to see how the Slanting Rib socks knit up. I have some superwash skeins of Tourmaline which would be beautiful, as would Cayenne, Autumn Flame and Violet Hill. Or something like Orchid or Raspberry would let the ribs do the talking. I like Kalmia as well.

  • Beth

    The Slanting Rib Socks caught my eye before I even realized they were in sweetgeorgia yarn.

  • Dee

    Here’s what I think of the new issue: I love it! Those socks are spectacular and I’d love to make them.

  • bysarah

    I havent seen knitcircus before, but these slanting ribs socks will definitely make it into my queue if I can figure out how to purchase.

  • Loriangela

    Your socks are the best thing in here

  • Jill

    This colorway is perfect for the pattern. Lovely socks!

  • Stella

    I’m liking the Blue Lupin Mitts myself.

  • Suzanne

    I love both pair of socks and the Alcea shawl is gorgeous!!

  • Maria MN

    blue lupine mitts for sure!

  • Lynn K

    That’s hard! There are some really lovely patterns. I think both the sock patterns are gorgeous and the blue lupine mitts too. :)

  • Lisabrideau

    I love all the lace knitting, but am not quite ready for that yet (with only 2 knitting projects under my belt)… but the TicTac Blanket I would do in a heartbeat! (Those socks also make me want to learn how to knit socks, but I’ve heard that can been pretty addicting. 😉 )

  • Donna Hrynkiw

    There were several patterns that caught my eye, but I have to say that the Slanting Rib Socks were *the* pattern in that issue for me. Others were: Roses Are Red hairband, Blue Lupine Mitts, and the article surrounding the Victoria Vest

  • Tattva1knits

    Definitely the Blue Lupine Mitts. Love ’em!

  • Ariel Valencia

    I love Squirm and I wrongly saw the alcea shawl as a skirt in the first photo and now think it’d make a very pretty one with an fabric underskirt.

  • Nina Pomeroy

    Gotta try those socks!

  • Kitana65

    I love those socks!! I’m so going to make them as well as the shawls in this magazine :) My new passions are socks and shawls….love love love!

  • Gina

    I think my favorite is either the Spring Sky Socks or the Slanting Rib Socks. Both really nice – and I don’t normally pick out socks as my favorite items!

  • joan

    I would make kalmia and ivy tangle because hats are my favourite things to knit.. I’ve never tried socks, but both slanting rib and spring sky look like a neat way to start

  • Carla in MT

    Wow – what an issue!! Great articles, too. My fav patterns are Kalima Hat, Squirm hoodie, and Sweet Tart top (but I would convert it to a baby dress…)

  • Faye

    I love the Alcea shawlette, but would realistically knit up Kalmia first! There’s nothing like instant gratification with hats!

  • IrishJenn


  • Hanihoney36

    That is absolutely beautiful…the yarn and the color! I would like to make the Kalmia hat and the slant rib socks! Looks like a great magazine- I am glad you shared it!

  • Stariel

    I really love the Slanting Rib Socks, but the Blue Lupine Mitts are really cute too!

  • Drifloon

    I am new to online magazines so finding Knitcircus today was a real treat. Alana Dakos’s Cedar Leaf Shawlette is wonderful – I’ve already looked her up on Ravelry and marked my favorites.

  • Jennemmer

    It’s a toss-up for me between the Ivy Tangle Cowl and the Spring Sky Socks. Though I do like the slanting rib socks, too.

  • Minmenk

    I know a little girl who would love the 3 ring sweater!

  • Diane St-Hilair

    Definitely Alcea!

  • Cheri

    I really love the slanting rib socks and Alcea!!

  • Susancats2

    Besides the slanting rib socks I like the rectangular shawl/wrap Firery.

  • Caryl Kierstead

    Love the Slanting Rib socks, and the other sock pattern as well, but then I’m somewhat obsessed with socks at the moment :)

  • Susan Moskwa

    These socks were my favorite pattern! I want to learn new construction techniques so I’m dying to try this.

  • Kimberly

    Kalmia definitely caught my eye :) I can’t wait to make this up.

  • Cbruff8624

    I like the slanting rib socks! Looks like a fun knit.

  • Ruth

    There are so many great shawls in that issue. It’s hard to pick one. Maybe Alcea. Of course, these socks look great too.

  • Janna Maria Vallee

    I love that colourway!!! So spring.

    Oh, I’ve got it…..”socks that put a spring in your step!” haha

  • Melissa

    Ooohh, I really like the looks of how the Slanting Rib sock is constructed, so I wouldn’t mind giving those a go. But I have definitely and already queued up the Alcea shawl like everyone else!

    On a non-knitting matter, I think I might also try my hand at making some of those yummy Hazelnut Macarons listed in the back of the issue! Yum!

  • Billicummings

    Maybe its time for me to try socks again, loved your sock pattern. The color makes me anxious for Spring. Would love to win the contest !

  • Carol Rollins

    I am still a newbie with socks but I like the look of the Slanting Rib socks. The Blue Lupine Mitts and the Aleca shawl are both headed to my queue.

  • Robin

    Beautiful socks! I really like the Kalmia and the Alcea patterns in the new Knitcircus. Great magazine!

  • Ikkinlala

    The Slanting Rib Socks are intriguing, and the Spring Sky Socks are lovely too.

  • MayH

    Definitely the Gerberada. I can picture it now in your gorgeous Tourmaline merino silk!!

  • Irene

    I too like the Alcea. Also, the socks you showed for the new techniques in knitting the toes and heel. I’m a sucker for new techniques!

  • Catrina

    Wow, love those gorgeous colours!

  • Heyillini

    I’m just finishing up a scarf in one of the lovely SweetGeorgia yarns! going to NY in March and can’t wait. Love the socks!

  • TamaraG

    Love knitting with SweetGeorgia sock yarn! Could use some new socks for spring! Pick, me, pick me!~

  • Jocelynn

    oooh. those look like fun 😀

  • Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    I like the roses are red headband.

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