Life before drum carder.

But lest you think it was just the shoes that pushed me over the edge and got me drum carder crazy, here’s what really made me crazy:

Merino, French Angora, Angelina
Piles of fluff

I blended some hand dyed Merino with plain white French Angora and a bit of hand dyed Angelina (might be Blue Moon Spinnery?) by hand using some coarse Ashford hand cards. It really wasn’t much fun — do I have too much merino? too much angora? Is it even? This would be so much easier with a drum carder?

Close-up of pre-whacked skein

The Angora guard hairs really pop out and give it a spiky look. I don’t mind — I think it looks kind of interesting, but it may not be _so_ interesting if you want to knit it and wear it around your sensitive neck.

Whacked Rabbit

The skein was washed, whacked (for some fulling) and all chopped up into 5-yard samples. And the samples, well, they are travelling the world now in the KR Handspun Yarn Swap.